Innova Adventure Travel

It is the way to travel with the engagement to respecting culture, nature, and people in each destination. We only have one chance to do it well...

We are INNOVA ADVENTURE TRAVEL ™, a boutique travel agency in Costa Rica, Central America. It is an excellent location for a great vacation!!

Costa Rica ranked as one of the greenest and happiest countries in the world according to international metrics combining measures of their ecological footprint with the happiness of their citizens. Those who live and spend time in Costa Rica fall in love with its natural, peaceful, and friendly environment.

At INNOVA ADVENTURE TRAVEL ™, we promote ecotourism that balances and incorporates cultural as well as ecological and educational activities through sustainable practices. We only partner with agencies and suppliers who guarantee your safety.

We invite you to use reusable containers, cloth, or paper bags, to reduce plastic use. Avoid leaving waste in natural areas, such as parks, beaches, or forests. Consume local products to promote zero kilometers and support families and communities. Avoid extracting natural resources from protected areas. Ask always for certified tourist guides.

We believe the traveler can contribute to the development of the destination by promoting an equitable and fair amount of travel between the different actors to get involved, sharing, supporting, and working with people and communities while respecting the environment and culture. This practice promotes enriching experiences.

We invite you to be part of our effort to offer responsible tourism following these actions:

-We do not print any reservation, payment confirmation, or supplier information. – We send and receive only digital documents.
-We print only the travel information required by the client.
-We promote the rest of the culture of the host communities.
-We incentívate the equality of conditions and accessibility to all the travel offers in the country.
-We welcome our customers, explaining our commitment to minimizing the impact on nature with our activities and inviting them to do it during their visit.
-We motivate our clients to reuse, recycle and reduce, being responsible travelers.

Our programs aim to create routes in different tourist destinations to contribute to the economy of those locations through tourism.


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